"Even in some potentially vulnerable positions, Lindsay draws out your inner goddess providing you with the support and structure to blossom in front of the camera.  Who knew boudoir photography could be so empowering. Lots of love Lindsay. You are changing lives.” – RH

"I felt amazing and extremely comfortable during my session. Lindsay welcomed me and we hit it off like we’ve been friends for years. We laughed, we joked, we talked life and all things went.  I didn’t want the session to end…even after 4 hours!!  Since I was a kid I had body image issues and I have worked so hard now as a mom to take back my body, inside and outside, and these pictures are proof… something tangible that reminds me that not only did I work my ass off to get here, but my reflection truly represents how I am feeling. They mesh. I earned them.” -MZ

"Lindsay is such a beautiful human! And her photography work radiates just that! We had a boudoir session and she made me feel so comfortable about myself.  The photo session in itself was like therapy. It was nice to take time and love your body.”- EF

"I am so happy my daughter had the opportunity to do this for herself. I have always known how beautiful she is (inside and out) but thanks to you and the way your eye can capture a moment so brilliantly, has really shown her just how truly gorgeous she is!  I have spent 27 years, dedicated to building an unbreakable self confidence in her. And in just a few hours on one single day, you have helped strengthen it more than I could ever hope to!! Thank you!”-GM

"I felt so comfortable and so beautiful in Lindsay’s presence. From the first meeting to the reveal to her wonderful emails, she made me feel like a queen! She was meant to do this job.  She showed me that we can be perfect even with all of our imperfections. And she captured that so beautifully in her photos.  I will be forever grateful to you, Lindsay, for the gift you have given me. Thank you!”- KH

"I had the most amazing day at my photography session. That day has been imprinted in my mind forever with love and joy. Lindsay made me feel so comfortable and confident with all her expertise and talent.  I wish for every woman to experience that special moment I felt. It was extraordinary”- SR


Experience the best gift you could give yourself.

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